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In Blekinge, the possibilities for experiences are almost unlimited. It's just the imagination that stops. Here you will find tips on travel and complements to maximize enjoyment.

Guldkorn, Skärgårdstrafiken

Picture: Guided tours in Karlskrona archipelago


Travel easy & smart

Plan your trip through the Travel Planner, where you will find different travel options and departures. If you download the Travel Planner in an app via Google Play or iTunes  on your smartphone, you can purchase your ticket directly in the app. The card will show on your smartphone. A way to feel safe if you end being in a hurry,  the "card machine" is always with you.

Book your train trip via the web here - Öresundståg


Beneficial & affordable

Did you know that it will be cheaper if you travel with Travel Card? Load your travel card with an amount of money to pay your travel by bus, train, and archipelago. With the travel card, you will always get a discount on your trip.

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More tips on the smartest and best way to travel in Blekinge can be found here - Blekinge traffic (Blekingetrafken)




Skärgårdstrafiken i Blekinge

Pic: Skärgårdstrafiken



✔ DFDS - The DFDS ferry crossing between Karlshamn and Klaipeda takes 14 hours.

✔ Stena Line - The Stena Line ferry crossing between Karlskrona and Gdynia takes 10.5 hours.



✔ With BRA och SAS, flyger du via Ronneby Airport and Stockholm daily, 50 minutes, departing to and from both Bromma and Arlanda.



✔ Bergkvarabuss bus takes you by Airbus line between Karlskrona and Ronneby Airport. The line will take you to SAS all flight arrivals and flight departures.


The archipelago traffic

✔ The archipelago boats are in several places in Blekinge archipelago, and you travel with Blekingetrafiken. It makes it possible go island hopping, just like in Greece.


The archipelago taxi

✔ With Karlskrona Sjötaxi you travel wonderfully, exciting and effective. You can also book sightseeing and guided tours. If you want help with conferencing on an island, you're welcome.



✔ Select blue flag marinas if you want it comfortably. Some prefer the privacy and silence before amenities. But if you want water, shower, dining, shop, WiFi, boating and more, there are some well-kept and charming guest harbors, both along the coastline and out on the islands. You will find these here - Guest ports in Blekinge




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