Recharge your energy

Unwind and find peace in the tranquil and comfortable environment att Ronneby Brunn hotel and spa. Let your body and soul enjoy the relaxing treatments and bring home a new you.

Japansk trädgård och spa

Photo: The Japanese garden


Modern spa & resort

When you come to Ronneby Brunn Hotel, you can enjoy the spa. Here is som much to choose from - a hot tub in the Japanese garden, massage, body and facial treatments, a gym and workout and above all excellent food.

Sensitivity with skills

Have a coffee and unwind for a moment before you change into a bathrobe and slippers. Move smoothly between treatments, yoga, exercise room, a nice warm sauna or a heated tub. There is also a 34-degree heated pool and a winter garden with a hot tub. Snacks and nutritious drinks will always be available.



Photo: Brunnsparken


The environment - a living cultural reserve

Just being in the beautiful and award-winning park around the hotel feels like a health cure itself. The park, divided into different themes, and old spa villas and buildings, one of them is the charming diner cafe Mandeltårtan. You can listen to music in the park, and every summer Sunday the halls fill with people, things, and tables for a flea market.


Julbord på Ronneby Brunn

Photo: Ronneby Brunn hotel


A package with dinner & show

Why not choose a package full of well-being? Or an evening of music and dance? On Ronneby Brunn - a hotel and spa right next to the beautiful Brunnsparken - you'll find all the components needed for body and soul: fitness, workout, hot tub, excellent dining and a full range of treatments. And that extra spice: tavern entertainment and dancing.


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